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Iceland king of ice men he’s got blue eyes he is a pretty boy

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Break your tv before your tv breaks you. You are what you buy, sell out and die.


cynicalstargazer asked:

Hi. I noticed you've gone to a Conan taping and was wondering if you could answer some questions for me? How many request forms did you make out? I've read it's a good idea to make out several to increase your chance of getting picked. Also, did you write anything for the "note to Conan" thing? Thank you! I want to see a Conan taping so badly. :)

I actually didn’t get to go to the Conan taping.. What I remember all I did was request to see the show on the website once. They’d sent me a email saying I was on the list and when they have a show coming up they’d email me asking for confirmation. Some weeks later they sent me the email asking if I could make whatever date. I wanted to go but my friend cancelled on me last minute. I’ve been wanting to see that tall red headed Irish man live for quite sometime and I was super excited to finally have a chance when he moved to the west coast. Hope this helps.


a-drunken-mermaid asked:

Omgg do you still have your cabbie?


Ramen nude dolls

Taking turns ramen each other