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Neilsen has handily revamped their lists.

Does anyone else find this to be a well placed challenge/to do list?

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No friends
No job
Just a gun and some love

Thug life

Green #enchiladas for dinner #threecheese & #chicken

Because funnel cakes…#cookfoodnotsmack


ex-conartist asked:

I love you so much. You are my everything. You make me feel so much better just by being around me. I can not live with out and I don't want to know that I know what it feels like to have some one love me as much I love them. Penelope josette fontaine, you are my world, my sky, and my energy. I need you and I want you. I'm staying with you. Love your bae bae, me

She is the center of my dreams, that I build reality around. So I’m living the dream.

This explains everything

I applied for a video and audio tech position and got a call back for interview next week. When I got the confirmation email I was stoked to see it was from Bill Fleming a man I used to work for at Desert Entertainment. This is a great coincidence that I really need. It’s my only hope right now. I swear I need this more than anything.

This year has been pretty shitty… I’ve lost all my friends but somehow am ok with this. Maybe because I’m used to falling in and out with friends it just seems like a natural progression.
But I’m staying positive and looking forward to next year. I am focusing on getting my felony warrant removed in California and my petit larceny taken of in Las Vegas, so next year when I’m 25 I can be a limo chauffeur and save up some money.
I’m in a all girl punk band now, the negative nancies? I don’t know what they decided but they are all really cool girls. We are going to play shows soon.
I’m also working on writing my own songs under the name ‘weakened warriors ’ with my girlfriend. Clean or dirty, She is my best friend and lover. I couldn’t ask for better she treats me like no other and no one can hold a candle to her. This is to finishing the new year, working on new songs and fixing myself.


Israel didn’t choose this fight. Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the terrorist organizations that dominate Gaza, claim that Israel provoked the conflict by arresting Hamas members in the
West Bank. But arrests in one territory don’t justify aerial bombardment from another. Israel didn’t hit Gaza until terrorists had fired more than 150 rockets into Israel and had rejected a cease-fire.

Some of the pictures that purport to show devastation from the Israeli strikes are fakes borrowed from other wars. As of Wednesday afternoon, the death count ranged from 30 to 50 or more, depending on where you mark the onset of the conflict. Every death is tragic, and the longer the assault goes on, the higher the toll will go. Still, given that Israel has launched more than 500 airstrikes, you’d have to conclude that either Israel is failing miserably to kill people or, more plausibly, it’s largely trying not to kill them.

Israel’s defense minister admits his forces have targeted “terrorists’ houses” as well as “arms, terror infrastructures, command systems, Hamas institutions, [and] regime buildings.” The houses belong to Hamas military leaders. An Israeli official boasts that “there’s not a single Hamas brigade commander that has a home to go back to.” Israel’s legal rationale for targeting these homes is that they were “terror command centers” involved in rocket fire or other “terror activity.” But while Israel has tried to kill commanders in their cars (and has succeeded), it has avoided unannounced strikes on their homes.

The last time Israel targeted buildings in Gaza, a year and a half ago, it used leaflets and phone calls to warn residents to get out beforehand. It also fired flares or low-impact mortars (known as a “knock on the roof”) to signal impending strikes. Human rights groups didn’t accept these measures as protection from legal responsibility, but they did hail them as progress. Israel claims to be applying the same measures today. Hamas and other Palestinian sources confirm that the Israeli military has issued phone warnings to families in the targeted homes.