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Psychedelic telecaster-riffic




Woahhh so tight

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I want to sleep like this

Happy Birthday Penelope

24 is a hearse

Her lips are a curse


I wish I could take a gun to his head

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I’m really excited for my new band… Not only are they professionals but they already all have so much success. They get invited to indie music awards and they win awards! Indie magazines interview them from all over even the drummer has a number 1 song in Australia! They travel all over the country! They all were or are currently signed to Squidhat records and we are moving 4xs as fast my old band, we write new songs all the time and already have way more fans that only took one month to get as many likes as it took the old band to get in a year; with people asking us to do shows instead of us asking to do shows! It’s so kick ass, pretty soon we will have our first album by the end of the year and signed to squidhats making music videos and getting gigs with professional touring bands. Great things are happening and I’m so excited to become a signed band!

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